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International Women‘s Day - Minouche Music‘s mix for Radio Orange

Circuit des Yeux - Some Day [Luv Records]
Chinawoman - Keep in Mind [Self Released]
Pj Harvey - My beautiful Leah [Island Records]
Megumi Satsu - Clocharde [Black Diamond Production]
Ursula Bogner - Für Ulrich [Faitiche]
Kate Bush - Army Dreamers [Emi]
Clara Rockmore and Nadia Reiseberg - La Vie en Rose [Bridge Records]
The Knife in Collaboration with Mt. Sims - Colouring of Pigeons [Rabid Records]
Bubonic Plague - Nonsense Nonsense [Self Released]
The Vyllies - Babylon [Geheimnis Records]
Sally Dige - Losing You [Night School]
Molly Nilsson - The Lonely [Dark Skies Association]
Anne Clark - This be the Verse [Virgin]
Sapphire Slows - Dry fruits [Not Not Fun]
Group Rhoda - King [Not Not Fun]
The Space Lady - I had too much to Dream (Last Night) [Night School]

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